Amethyst coloured ring

Purple is a colour that has been among the Top3 when I was younger. I still like it very much, so when I have found a couple of leftover beads in my bead box, I knew what to do with them. I sorted out almost oll of the shades of purple (and some pink/magenta as well), got a ring base and some hooks, and the fun begun.


Basically, all you need is a plier and some patience to make a similar ring, DSC_0780bbecause to have this effect, you need to attach every bead one by one on a hook to the base. Get a movie ready, and you can make a couple of these in an hour or two. I primarily use it, as I have mentioned before, for leftover beads, because I usually one or two beads more than necessary, in case I miscalculated the number… You know, better safe than sorry 🙂 At least, I have an excuse to make these jewelleries later.