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A new piece of jewellery to add to my collection

Summery blues and whites with a touch of gold – inspired by a necklace in the jewellery store, and it took me just a couple of hours toΒ  make my own πŸ™‚

DSC_1998b DSC_1995b


Funny golden necklace

One of my weekend crafts:

DSC_0168b DSC_0168bb

Beaded necklace

I saw a necklace over at a friend, the Pinklor blog, and as I had a box of different sized beads, I decided to whip this up in an afternoon. It is simpler than it looks, all you need is a bunch of hooks/pins, a necklace base and the above mentioned beads. Like… a lot πŸ™‚ The finished necklace looks like this. As my friend wrote: a cheap version of the Zara necklace that is the cheap version of a Chanel necklace.

gyongylanc02 gyongylanc01

Button necklace

Old buttons are among the many things I cannot get rid of. But it is kinda annoying having them around an not using them for anything – so… jewellery it is πŸ˜€ I made two necklaces, using 3 buttons for each (I sew them on a piece of felt). To embellish the necklaces, I used home made polymer clay roses, glass beads (for the purple one) and blue(ish) middle-beads for the other one. Spring, spring, here I come πŸ™‚

Blue, mint and light blue - vintage buttons

Blue, mint and light blue – vintage buttons

roses :)

roses πŸ™‚




Some days ago the gifts I made for a pay-it-foward game were “exchanged”. I say exchanged, because we agreed on making something for each other, even though the terms would not necessarily imply this.

Here is what I have made: a pair of beaded bead earrings, a set of ethno-style earrings and necklace, and a book-medal (no pic, unfortunately). I stamped with my letter stamps the name of the recipient on the package just to make it more personal. They looked like this:

csomag1 magyaros3 magyaros2 magyaros1 fuli3 fuli2 fuli1

Beaded Bead: The Capriccio

Capriccio or Capricho beads are made with a new technique I found on youtube. They seem to be complicated, but it is so easy to make them, and it takes only one and a half hour. One film and you have a new necklace πŸ™‚


First, I made a purple one with a spiral design, but next I tried for something more complicated. Actually, it only looks more complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it is just as simple as a unicolour bead. All you need is a couple of 11/0 beads, and 3-4 mm Swarowski rounds or bicones, or practically any bead this size. Oh, and of course a huge bead to bead around πŸ™‚ If you want to wear it as a medal, you may add bead caps and a few more extra beads. Here is an inspirational video, and a tutorial as well. If you make one of these, please, show me in the comments, I would love to see your creations!
Inspiratonal vid:


Jewelry making 101

I like fine and petit jewellery just as much as big, chunky pieces. I saw a beautiful necklace over here, and the reason I am sharing it: it is a great necklace to practice the basics of jewellery making. If only I had a tutorial like this when I started…


{pictureΒ  taken from the link above}

Chained bracelet

Rocker chic mixed with a pich of girlyness – this is what this bracelet looks to me. It is so simple, that even a little girl could make it, yet so interesting looking, that even grown ups can wear it from time to time.


To make one of these, you will need:

  • an elastic thread (preferably a thicker one, that is easier to handle)
  • beads in the colour of your choice
  • and the magic ingredient: a chain-necklace!

How to make it?

I prefer to start with a bead, that secures my future bracelet. Than, you have to add your chain link by link to the thread. It is preferable to pre-cut the chain into smaller peaces. Once you have added a piece, you “drop it”, and it creates the effect you can see in the picture. From now, all you have to do is add beads and pieces of chain until you are satisfied. Easy, but a rewarding activity. I so liked to make bracelets like this when I was a teen πŸ™‚

Beaded Bead – Green disco ball

As you know, this ball is supposed to be made of 4mm beads. But I wanted to make a huge one, so I have bought bigger beads and a bigger “ball” to fit into. This is the result:


The only thing I’ll have to find out is what kind of necklace to hang it from?

Beaded beads

Hi, again, I was away for a while, doing things and getting on with daily things. But I have learnt a new way of making beaded balls, and it is super easy (thanks to a video tutorial). Youtube has recently been my “best friend” learning new beading tricks, as videos are easier to understand than plain, old written tutorials.


So this is my interpretation of “beaded beads” (another is coming soon, this amethyst coloured was my first attempt, but I am eager to make a black and gold one as well), and here is the tutorial (thanks for it, if she may read my post ^^)

ps.: I had to “hide” a bead in the bead to support it, otherwise I found it a bit loose