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Pin the mood #07

Salmon pink and a jeans shirt with a lovely manicure:salmonpin



Pin the mood #06

Nautical. For summer. Groundbreaking. 😉

I wear it every summer, but ever since I saw The devil wears Prada, it reminds me of this scene:




Pin the mood #05

This pin the mood was inspired by the (not necessarily) Peter Pan collars – you can even do them on yuor nails if you follow the instructions provided by the beauty department. And and inspirational photo at the right: reading is cool 😉


Pin the mood #04

Rainbow 🙂 I’ve already done the newspaper organisation part (looks awesome on a shelf, not only in a pile), and now I wonder if I could do the makeup.

Pin the mood #03

This weekend, I saw 3 Agatha Christie movies, so this pin the mood will be absolutely biased.

Poirot love ❤

Are you also a Poirot fan, or rather in favour of Miss Marple?

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Pin the mood #02

From time to time, I have a crush on blue. Sometimes combined with red, or green, or mustard. Blue is a great colour. And whenever I have this blue-craze, I re-discover the beauty of a pecock feather. It is a perfect colour combination, even if you don’t use the exact motifs from the feathers. In today’s pin the mood, I’ve chosen everything peacock-y from my pinboards.

Do you like these colours? Have you ever worn a peacock makeup?

links: makeup01, nails, makeup 02

Pin the mood #01

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for most of us. In the section “pin the mood” I will post mini pinboards. Today’s mood is soft and foggy, and I added a pinch of halloween as well. The city is all gray, that’s why I decided to put the sparkly nails on the board. We need a bit of light on us, don’t we? 🙂 The city in the picture is New York. I’ve never been there, but looks kinda tempting in this photo.

sources:  nails, beauty, pumpkin, foggy city