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Christmas playlist #01

I have created three playlists to help me get done with all Christmas preparations. The first one is a dynamic punk-rock-ska playlist. the other two are more on the jazzy and choral-y side, but before I could get into the really (cheesy) Christmas mood, I need this type of music.

You can access the first playlist it by clicking here.


The amazing surrealism of Oleg Oprisco


I think I haven’t had a favourite photographer until yesterday. Late at night, I was browsing Pinterest (half asleep), when a stunning photograph of a red haired girl game across. Luckily, it was not one of those pins where the link is missing, so in about two minutes I found myself crazily browsing the Flickr album of a Kiev based photographer, Oleg Oprisco.

8717538553_96476cd629_o 396

His surreal portraits express complex feelings that I think I could not express by words. But the colours, the look on the beautiful models’s faces and the ambiance together are perfect. Besides, ginger hair is something I adore 🙂

8790801878_0ea3bdaf15_o 8616292607_1c9823821a_o

Here, I only show my favourites, but if you are interested in Oleg’s work, you can visit his Flickr site as well.

[All pictures belong to Oleg Oprisco.]

Blog inspiration: The freckled fox

Probably the whole internet knows this blog already, but my-oh-my, I have just found it, and I am seriously in love. The freckled fox is about a girl in her early twenties, mother of three, pregnant with the 4th (wow), and she does all the crafty-creative.wibbly-wobbly-thingies I adore. And a lot more: hair, fashion, cooking.

You absolutely MUST check out her hair tutorials (like this one), and the crafts she has made, and… well, just get lost in the blog for a couple of hours!

Pin the mood #07

Salmon pink and a jeans shirt with a lovely manicure:salmonpin


Pin the mood #06

Nautical. For summer. Groundbreaking. 😉

I wear it every summer, but ever since I saw The devil wears Prada, it reminds me of this scene:




Pin the mood #05

This pin the mood was inspired by the (not necessarily) Peter Pan collars – you can even do them on yuor nails if you follow the instructions provided by the beauty department. And and inspirational photo at the right: reading is cool 😉


Jewelry making 101

I like fine and petit jewellery just as much as big, chunky pieces. I saw a beautiful necklace over here, and the reason I am sharing it: it is a great necklace to practice the basics of jewellery making. If only I had a tutorial like this when I started…


{picture  taken from the link above}

Sugarbelle Blog

This blog is about inspiration, so today I would like to show you a blog that I have recently found and that I am really fond of. This is:

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle“.

This is a blog dedicated to cookie decorating, but it’s not the reason I read it. I prefer the ways she invents the base of the cookies. This might sound boring, but this is a pretty awesome, challenging, and an extremely creative process. You don’t believe me? Let me show you, what I mean:

These whale cookies were made… out of a balloon cutter and a flower!

The polar bear and his pals were made out of various very simple forms! Oh, and have I mentioned the robots?! For example the one, that was made out of a bunny cutter? Pretty awesome! I think this is real creatvity, and demands a special point of view – but it’s totally worth it 🙂 I love your works, Sugarbelle – if you happen to read it ^^

Pin the mood #04

Rainbow 🙂 I’ve already done the newspaper organisation part (looks awesome on a shelf, not only in a pile), and now I wonder if I could do the makeup.

Pin the mood #03

This weekend, I saw 3 Agatha Christie movies, so this pin the mood will be absolutely biased.

Poirot love ❤

Are you also a Poirot fan, or rather in favour of Miss Marple?

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