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Venetian box


I adore boxes. Today I made a black and gold box with a decoupaged venetian painting.

DSC_0643b DSC_0648b


Folded book photo/place card holder


As far as folded book art is concerned, I wanted to make some less “artsy” pieces as well. As photo holders, or place card holders, or whatever – actually, we haven’t quite figured out what to to with these, because it is a really versatile piece. Photos are good, because people love watching photos, place cards, on the other hand, are on the practical side.

Wedding decoration – folded book art

I am in full swing preparing our wedding, and I want it to be a book themed one. When I googled it, I found many folded book art centerpieces, and at first glance I thought it was sorcery. Or that it would take way too much time to create.


But then I started to dig into tutorials, and I found several instructables. I chose the one that seemed the least time consuming, and I (or, I should say, we) started folding. First we made these hearts as they seemed easy enough and pretty at the same time.

DSC_0484c DSC_0480b DSC_0502b

Halloween decor – faux chalkboard calligraphy


Besides lanterns, I used some solid cardboard to create faux chalkboard calligraphy. One with a Happy Halloween sign and one with my favourite quote: If the broom fits, ride it!


Moroccan jar lantern

Moroccan jar lanterns are one of the things I planned to do about two years ago. I just never had the time or the motivation. But when we finished a jar of raspberry jam, the form of the jar seemed to be perfect to make a lantern. So… I did 🙂


All you need is contour paint that you can use on glass and one colour/jar. I chose gold for contouring and teal blue. The motives I chose remind me of oriental art, even though I did not do a deep research on the subject – so, it is mostly my imagination, but I am quite content with the results. And this being a repurposing type of project – that only adds to it.

This was the picture that inspired me to do this project:

7822fe5c021fd703e0ff62f16c75bb8bI like the idea of a multi-coloured lantern plate, so I will definitely make at least a green one 🙂


I have wanted these papier mache letters for a lon-long time, but I just couldn’t find a word that would fit me and my place, and that I could spell from the letters available. For example, there is always a shortage of the letter “A” – so “HAPPY” was out of question.



Anyway. I finally found my word. It is: BOOKS. As these letters are plain brown, and I wanted a different colour, first I painted them with a few coats of spray paint and let them dry for an additional 30 minutes. And that’s it! A little

Lego Lunch

When I was a kid, I loved Lego. I payed for hours and hours, built, took apart and rebuilt things – a whole mini world. I especially liked, when my mom got me a few extra pieces in extraordinary shapes or with special functions. So I was particularly happy, when I came across a picture of the Lunch picture in a Lego version. But I somehow didn’t like the background, I preferred that of the original one. We had no other coice if we wanted to hang that on the wall: we had to mix the two. With a few blurs here and there, we finally managed it, and this is how it looks. It is black and white, similarly to the original picture, and hangs on my wall in a solid wooden frame. It is, for me, the perfect mixture of fun, classic and unique 🙂