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Basics of my wardrobe

For the New Year, I decided to start actually using the “basics” I have in my wardrobe. First, I gathered all of them in a special place of the wardrobe – and I hope that whenever I am going to stand there, helpless and unable to decide what to to wear, these 16 pieces will help me.


Do you have a “basics” section in your wardrobe? Did I forget anything that could be useful (besides from shoes, accessorioes, coats, etc.)?


Summer breeze

I want to wear this dress this weekend:

summer breeze

ImageProxy (1)

Mad Men inspiration – Betty

I think Betty Draper is, besides Joan, the one to follow, because she has an impeccable sense of style. Soft pastels, a lot of white and – finally: flats or low heels. These outfits are really summery and appropriate for work πŸ™‚

betty01The second one is more formal, but still feminin and lovely:


Mad Men inspiration – Peggy

To be honest, Peggy is not my favourite character… Her style, anyway, has gone through several stages (the one she currently has I hate particularly), but it was a challenge to make her style somehow street-fit.

This outfit is actually one that I liked on her. It is simple, and finally not so boring as far as colours are concerned. For this type of skirt, heels are absolutely necessary if you don’t want to look a lot smaller than normally. The silk scarf substitutes the bow of the blouse.


The second outfit is a more autumny one:


Mad Men inspiration – Joan

When Mad Men was first on TV, I didn’t really like it. Then I gave it another go and that time I got to like it, so I was really expecting the new series. It is the era, the enteriors and of course the outfits that make me watch it. Well, mostly – I like the storyline as well, when they don’t overcomplicate it.

I created a few polyvore boards with a couple of actually wearable outfits, so… let’s start with Joan πŸ™‚

joan02In her outfits, it is the very feminin character that I like (just like mostly everyone else… πŸ™‚ ) Skirts, heels and a few accessories. Oh, and lipstick! Even though I never wear lipstick, but actually in her case, that is essential. Her style is great for curvy girls who want to look sexy, but you really have to believe in yourself when you wear such clothes. The skirt and blouse pictured in the first polyvore board is more suitable for daytime, while the second is mostly for a night out. She is also a great example that even gingers are allowed to wear any colour – with confidence πŸ™‚

Accessories are mostly gold in her case – have you noticed, by the way, the cute, pencil necklace? I am not sure whether it is appropriate for the time, but it is way too cute πŸ™‚joan

Speaking of which… Comfort zone

As I was composing the images for my red “palette”, I remembered having a gorgeous red dress, that I considered too elegant to wear on a simple day. But I did want to wear it, so I came up with an outfit, that is sort of comfortable yet wearable for a semi-casual day, when I want to be a LADY πŸ™‚ (Yeah, with capital letters.)

elegant and comfortable

I had to make to more of the same type of outfit, because once I start sporting heels it is hard to stop πŸ™‚

Colours – Red

Do you remember that I said I usually wore red? Yes, this is the truth, so when I was making these outfits, I had to try hard coming up with combinations that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I usually wear red with black, so the first one is no surprise, but red and GREY is going to be new for me. First, I will try the comfy way, sneakers and washed jeans. The outfit on the right is new for me because of the blazer. I like blazers, just… not on myself. I am always feeling them too official and strict. But with boots and navy stripes, I hope it will be different this way.


Oh, and I almost forgot the second one. That is a typical night outfit, that I am planning to wear with stiletto Oxfords, red nails and everything. Sometimes it is still good not to go too far from the comfort zone πŸ˜€

Once I’m finished with these more traditional sets, I might try out some crazy combinations πŸ™‚ No basic items, just mixing everything. Do you have any suggestions, how to make that stylish?

Colours – mustard

Another colour that is present in my wardrobe, though I seldom wear is mustard. Or yellow, in general. Too bright, too shiny. But pairs nicely with grey and sark blue. So here are a few outfits I should consider for the future πŸ™‚ (Kinda funny to write notes to myself this way, but at least I am reminded to wear other colours than blue and red…)


My personal favourite is the cream dress with the cardigan, so I will have to gather all my strength and wear it once… Never mind the cold.

After a while it will be pretty obvious for everyone that I am pairing most of my stuff with the same basic items – but, honestly, I don’t mind it, because that’s the easiest way to look, well, I wouldn’t say necessarily good, but, at least, consistent. Basic pieces are extremely useful, and I don’t think they are boring. Of course, if you wear them with each other all the time, they become boring. But if you find statement pieces, accesories, bags, boots, dresses, cardigans, etc., they compliment them perfectly. Maybe once I will make a board with all those must-haves, but that will be no surprise for anyone. Still, if you are planning to change (or make up) your wardrobe “stay tuned” πŸ™‚


I was rearrangingΒ  my wardrobe and I realised that even though I thought I was dressing colourfully, there were some colours I usually avoided. Don’t ask me, why, I don’t know. I like most of the colours (except for brown), and I have a pretty colourful wardrobe. So after I was finished with the shelves, I made some polyvore boards to help me keep in mind certain colours.Β  As it would be too pic-heavy if I posted all of them at once, I am going to break it down into smaller sections. The first one is going to be pink and rose.

pink ladies

To be honest, I start with these because of the Pusheen T-shirt that I am not wearing often enough πŸ™‚ Here, I paired it with a grey blazer and grey, faux-suede boots. The set on the left is a very casual and girly one for pony-tail days, and the other two are romantic outfits. For having coffee with a friend, or a day time date with my boyfriend or just running errands.

I think I will make another pink-round,Β  with skirts and everything, but as it is winter now and snow outside, I am not really into wearing skirts.

Do you like rosy and pinky colours? Do you wear it?