Will you be my… maid of honour?

by vargajudit


Bridesmaids and maid of honour gifts will also fit into our book themed wedding. That’s why I wanted to make some cute jewellery for them. I chose a book that enlists all the names, cut out their names and initials and some lovely adjectives (happy, beatiful, cute) to embellish the accessories.

DSC_0585b DSC_0577b DSC_0589b

The boxes were made of plain wooden boxes that I took apart, spray painted white/cream and gold and reassembled. I used decorative tape for the golden details, a little laser cut wooden heart and a round wooden piece to “pop the question”: Will you be my bridesmaid? Will you be my maid of honour?

DSC_0618bMore pics after the jump.DSC_0568c b DSC_0573b DSC_0572b DSC_0574b DSC_0575b DSC_0610b DSC_0614b DSC_0612b DSC_0611b DSC_0609b DSC_0603b