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Month: February, 2014

Wine glasses for the wedding

I saw a set of bridesmaids’ wine glasses on Pinterest (where else? 🙂 ), and it looked so pretty that I decided to recreate them.


However, as I only have two bridesmaids, to make a set of six glasses, I made maid of honour and bride & groom glasses as well.

DSC_0457b DSC_0458b

For painting, I used porcelain(china) paint, because that lasts longer and that’s not transparent at all – whereas regular, transparent glass paints are not exactly waterproof and they tend to wash off in the machine.

DSC_0468b DSC_0461b

I really hope they will like it and they will be surprised (for once in my life I must say that fortunately, they don’t read this blog 🙂 ).


Folded book photo/place card holder


As far as folded book art is concerned, I wanted to make some less “artsy” pieces as well. As photo holders, or place card holders, or whatever – actually, we haven’t quite figured out what to to with these, because it is a really versatile piece. Photos are good, because people love watching photos, place cards, on the other hand, are on the practical side.

Wedding decoration – folded book art

I am in full swing preparing our wedding, and I want it to be a book themed one. When I googled it, I found many folded book art centerpieces, and at first glance I thought it was sorcery. Or that it would take way too much time to create.


But then I started to dig into tutorials, and I found several instructables. I chose the one that seemed the least time consuming, and I (or, I should say, we) started folding. First we made these hearts as they seemed easy enough and pretty at the same time.

DSC_0484c DSC_0480b DSC_0502b