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Month: December, 2013

Basics of my wardrobe

For the New Year, I decided to start actually using the “basics” I have in my wardrobe. First, I gathered all of them in a special place of the wardrobe – and I hope that whenever I am going to stand there, helpless and unable to decide what to to wear, these 16 pieces will help me.


Do you have a “basics” section in your wardrobe? Did I forget anything that could be useful (besides from shoes, accessorioes, coats, etc.)?


Christmas playlist #01

I have created three playlists to help me get done with all Christmas preparations. The first one is a dynamic punk-rock-ska playlist. the other two are more on the jazzy and choral-y side, but before I could get into the really (cheesy) Christmas mood, I need this type of music.

You can access the first playlist it by clicking here.