The amazing surrealism of Oleg Oprisco

by vargajudit


I think I haven’t had a favourite photographer until yesterday. Late at night, I was browsing Pinterest (half asleep), when a stunning photograph of a red haired girl game across. Luckily, it was not one of those pins where the link is missing, so in about two minutes I found myself crazily browsing the Flickr album of a Kiev based photographer, Oleg Oprisco.

8717538553_96476cd629_o 396

His surreal portraits express complex feelings that I think I could not express by words. But the colours, the look on the beautiful models’s faces and the ambiance together are perfect. Besides, ginger hair is something I adore 🙂

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Here, I only show my favourites, but if you are interested in Oleg’s work, you can visit his Flickr site as well.

[All pictures belong to Oleg Oprisco.]