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Month: May, 2013

Pin the mood #07

Salmon pink and a jeans shirt with a lovely manicure:salmonpin



Pin the mood #06

Nautical. For summer. Groundbreaking. 😉

I wear it every summer, but ever since I saw The devil wears Prada, it reminds me of this scene:




Mad Men inspiration – Betty

I think Betty Draper is, besides Joan, the one to follow, because she has an impeccable sense of style. Soft pastels, a lot of white and – finally: flats or low heels. These outfits are really summery and appropriate for work 🙂

betty01The second one is more formal, but still feminin and lovely:


Mad Men inspiration – Peggy

To be honest, Peggy is not my favourite character… Her style, anyway, has gone through several stages (the one she currently has I hate particularly), but it was a challenge to make her style somehow street-fit.

This outfit is actually one that I liked on her. It is simple, and finally not so boring as far as colours are concerned. For this type of skirt, heels are absolutely necessary if you don’t want to look a lot smaller than normally. The silk scarf substitutes the bow of the blouse.


The second outfit is a more autumny one:


Mad Men inspiration – Joan

When Mad Men was first on TV, I didn’t really like it. Then I gave it another go and that time I got to like it, so I was really expecting the new series. It is the era, the enteriors and of course the outfits that make me watch it. Well, mostly – I like the storyline as well, when they don’t overcomplicate it.

I created a few polyvore boards with a couple of actually wearable outfits, so… let’s start with Joan 🙂

joan02In her outfits, it is the very feminin character that I like (just like mostly everyone else… 🙂 ) Skirts, heels and a few accessories. Oh, and lipstick! Even though I never wear lipstick, but actually in her case, that is essential. Her style is great for curvy girls who want to look sexy, but you really have to believe in yourself when you wear such clothes. The skirt and blouse pictured in the first polyvore board is more suitable for daytime, while the second is mostly for a night out. She is also a great example that even gingers are allowed to wear any colour – with confidence 🙂

Accessories are mostly gold in her case – have you noticed, by the way, the cute, pencil necklace? I am not sure whether it is appropriate for the time, but it is way too cute 🙂joan

Pin the mood #05

This pin the mood was inspired by the (not necessarily) Peter Pan collars – you can even do them on yuor nails if you follow the instructions provided by the beauty department. And and inspirational photo at the right: reading is cool 😉