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Month: April, 2013

Moroccan jar lantern

Moroccan jar lanterns are one of the things I planned to do about two years ago. I just never had the time or the motivation. But when we finished a jar of raspberry jam, the form of the jar seemed to be perfect to make a lantern. So… I did 🙂


All you need is contour paint that you can use on glass and one colour/jar. I chose gold for contouring and teal blue. The motives I chose remind me of oriental art, even though I did not do a deep research on the subject – so, it is mostly my imagination, but I am quite content with the results. And this being a repurposing type of project – that only adds to it.

This was the picture that inspired me to do this project:

7822fe5c021fd703e0ff62f16c75bb8bI like the idea of a multi-coloured lantern plate, so I will definitely make at least a green one 🙂



I have wanted these papier mache letters for a lon-long time, but I just couldn’t find a word that would fit me and my place, and that I could spell from the letters available. For example, there is always a shortage of the letter “A” – so “HAPPY” was out of question.



Anyway. I finally found my word. It is: BOOKS. As these letters are plain brown, and I wanted a different colour, first I painted them with a few coats of spray paint and let them dry for an additional 30 minutes. And that’s it! A little

Beaded necklace

I saw a necklace over at a friend, the Pinklor blog, and as I had a box of different sized beads, I decided to whip this up in an afternoon. It is simpler than it looks, all you need is a bunch of hooks/pins, a necklace base and the above mentioned beads. Like… a lot 🙂 The finished necklace looks like this. As my friend wrote: a cheap version of the Zara necklace that is the cheap version of a Chanel necklace.

gyongylanc02 gyongylanc01

Button necklace

Old buttons are among the many things I cannot get rid of. But it is kinda annoying having them around an not using them for anything – so… jewellery it is 😀 I made two necklaces, using 3 buttons for each (I sew them on a piece of felt). To embellish the necklaces, I used home made polymer clay roses, glass beads (for the purple one) and blue(ish) middle-beads for the other one. Spring, spring, here I come 🙂

Blue, mint and light blue - vintage buttons

Blue, mint and light blue – vintage buttons

roses :)

roses 🙂