Chained bracelet

by vargajudit

Rocker chic mixed with a pich of girlyness – this is what this bracelet looks to me. It is so simple, that even a little girl could make it, yet so interesting looking, that even grown ups can wear it from time to time.


To make one of these, you will need:

  • an elastic thread (preferably a thicker one, that is easier to handle)
  • beads in the colour of your choice
  • and the magic ingredient: a chain-necklace!

How to make it?

I prefer to start with a bead, that secures my future bracelet. Than, you have to add your chain link by link to the thread. It is preferable to pre-cut the chain into smaller peaces. Once you have added a piece, you “drop it”, and it creates the effect you can see in the picture. From now, all you have to do is add beads and pieces of chain until you are satisfied. Easy, but a rewarding activity. I so liked to make bracelets like this when I was a teen 🙂