Colours – Red

by vargajudit

Do you remember that I said I usually wore red? Yes, this is the truth, so when I was making these outfits, I had to try hard coming up with combinations that are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I usually wear red with black, so the first one is no surprise, but red and GREY is going to be new for me. First, I will try the comfy way, sneakers and washed jeans. The outfit on the right is new for me because of the blazer. I like blazers, just… not on myself. I am always feeling them too official and strict. But with boots and navy stripes, I hope it will be different this way.


Oh, and I almost forgot the second one. That is a typical night outfit, that I am planning to wear with stiletto Oxfords, red nails and everything. Sometimes it is still good not to go too far from the comfort zone πŸ˜€

Once I’m finished with these more traditional sets, I might try out some crazy combinations πŸ™‚ No basic items, just mixing everything. Do you have any suggestions, how to make that stylish?