by vargajudit

I was rearranging  my wardrobe and I realised that even though I thought I was dressing colourfully, there were some colours I usually avoided. Don’t ask me, why, I don’t know. I like most of the colours (except for brown), and I have a pretty colourful wardrobe. So after I was finished with the shelves, I made some polyvore boards to help me keep in mind certain colours.  As it would be too pic-heavy if I posted all of them at once, I am going to break it down into smaller sections. The first one is going to be pink and rose.

pink ladies

To be honest, I start with these because of the Pusheen T-shirt that I am not wearing often enough 🙂 Here, I paired it with a grey blazer and grey, faux-suede boots. The set on the left is a very casual and girly one for pony-tail days, and the other two are romantic outfits. For having coffee with a friend, or a day time date with my boyfriend or just running errands.

I think I will make another pink-round,  with skirts and everything, but as it is winter now and snow outside, I am not really into wearing skirts.

Do you like rosy and pinky colours? Do you wear it?