Ikea placemat boot saver

by vargajudit

Even though I don’t always mind chaos around me (I tolerate it as long as I have something more important to do), I like when I see simple solutions to reduce clutter. Last year was the winter when I came to like boots. Before, I didn’t really wear any, so they were not a problem. But now I had to find a solution for storing them straight, to keep them pretty and out of the way. You know how messy it is when boots just lay down… So I was really happy when I saw this simple, yet creative way of storing boots:

A plastic¬† placemat rolled up – it’s that easy. (You don’t even have to cut in in a triangular shape if you don’t want to, just roll it up and there you go. It is really long lasting and doesnt’t hurt the boots at all.) I have shared it last year on my other blog, and one reader told me she used paper balls to fill the boots- which is also a great idea, and really useful because it also helps to dry the boots (and other shoes as well.)

See more of this idea on ikeahackers.