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Month: November, 2012

Pin the mood #04

Rainbow 🙂 I’ve already done the newspaper organisation part (looks awesome on a shelf, not only in a pile), and now I wonder if I could do the makeup.


Romantic, country style bangle no.2.

The previously shown bangle has a little sis’ 🙂 Same method, different fabric. The possibilities are, practically, endless.

I like the raw edges, but if you want a clenaer finish, you could fold the edges. In that case, I think I’d iron them to keep them neat.

Romantic, country style bangle

Not sure, why I feel this bangle is country, but somehow… The fabrics are neutral coloured with small flower patterns. To make a bangle like this, I cut a long strip of fabric (approximately 1 inch (2,5 cm) wide). Then, I attached it to the inside of the wooden bangle with hot glue, and started to wrap it around, slightly overlapping. At the end, I folded the end of the fabric to prevent fraying and secured it with hot glue.

Ethno ring

I have started to explore traditional hungarian motifs a year ago, and I realised that there are some really beautiful flower and bird motifs that go really well with a simple outfit. One of the first things I’ve made was this ring:

I planned to make it on a black base as well. And I have whole set of these, so stay tuned, I will show it in some days 🙂

Pin the mood #03

This weekend, I saw 3 Agatha Christie movies, so this pin the mood will be absolutely biased.

Poirot love ❤

Are you also a Poirot fan, or rather in favour of Miss Marple?

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Glittery french manicure

Remember the fox ring post from some days ago? And the first pin the mood? I made the glittery mani because I really needed something shiny. The weather here is perfectly autumny, a bit capricious – sometimes grey and windy, next day full of sunshine. So I wanted to have sunshine on my nails all the time 🙂

It was really easy to make, as a base I used a nude, nourishing polish. On my fingertips, I made the thin stripe with a glitter polish and on my ring finger, I used the Essence: Make it golden glitter polish. It has just the right amount of teeny-tiny and bigger glitters, but I had to care for the right placement of the bigger ones. This is how it turned out:

Ikea placemat boot saver

Even though I don’t always mind chaos around me (I tolerate it as long as I have something more important to do), I like when I see simple solutions to reduce clutter. Last year was the winter when I came to like boots. Before, I didn’t really wear any, so they were not a problem. But now I had to find a solution for storing them straight, to keep them pretty and out of the way. You know how messy it is when boots just lay down… So I was really happy when I saw this simple, yet creative way of storing boots:

A plastic  placemat rolled up – it’s that easy. (You don’t even have to cut in in a triangular shape if you don’t want to, just roll it up and there you go. It is really long lasting and doesnt’t hurt the boots at all.) I have shared it last year on my other blog, and one reader told me she used paper balls to fill the boots- which is also a great idea, and really useful because it also helps to dry the boots (and other shoes as well.)

See more of this idea on ikeahackers.

Fox Bookmarks inspiration

Look, what I’ve found on Tip Junkie! Printable fox bookmarks. Cuteness and awesomeness overload! Print on cardboard and give it to your best friend – or just print it for yourself. 🙂 (Have I ever mentioned, how much I love foxes? :))

Dresspiration – All time favourite autumn outfit

Stripes are classic – or, at least, I like to think so, because I have so-so-so many stripy stuff. Just like skinny jeans. The combination of these two make the perfect autumn outfit for school or hanging out in town. The boots are more or less water resistant, the cardigan keeps you warm and a scarf prevents you from catching a cold when it’s a bit windy.

What is more, this is exactly the outfit you can pull out of your wardrobe early in the morning, eyes half closed, mind still sleeping. All you need is a cup of hot beverage – that I should have added to the pic 🙂

Dresspiration – coats

Colourful coats are a really good way to bring some colour into the autumn/winter outfit. Even better if you have the chance to find shoes in a matching colour. Coats and shoes of the same shade can bring an outfit together surprisingly well. I, personally, own a red coat and I have red shoes. But if I had enough closet-space, I would love to have this rainbow 🙂

Which one would you choose?