Matching ombre pompom necklace #01

by vargajudit

When I was finished with the barcelet you saw in the previous entry, I wanted to make something else out of the emboridery threads. (Once I’ve chosen the colours 🙂 ) I don’t wear earrings, and thread is not the best material for rings either, so I ended up with this necklace:

It is a really easy and quick project.


  • embroidery thread
  • necklace base
  • hook (if not included in the necklace)
  • something to wrap the thread around

You have to wrap the thread around the chosen thing about 20 times. My criteria were for the object: not too thick, about 5-6 cm tall, and it had to be easy to remove the thread. When you’re done with the wrapping, you pull off the thread, tie it around the “neck” and cut the downside part apart. Repeat this step until you have the necessary amount of pompoms, and then put them on the necklace. That’s pretty much all, quick, easy and boho 🙂