Embroidery thread bangles

by vargajudit

Ombre has been really in for the past moths, so one afternoon I decided to experiment a little with my embroidery threads. I have many of them, because I loved friendship bracelets when I was younger. I liked all the coulours, but i managed to resist the temptation of using them all on the same bracelet 🙂 I divided the coulours into matching groups, and put them in order. It was really OCD-like, and one can have so much fun while doing this.

Once I was satisfied with the chosen colours (4-5 for each bracelet), I cut a shorter piece, tied it around the bangle (the same style I used here), and started wrapping it around. Near the end, I attached the colour and continued. I went from light to dark and then back to light again, which gave a beautiful rhytm to the finished bracelet. I decided not to use threads of equal lengths, because to me, this looks more playful this way. So far, I have a green and an orange bangle, but I plan on making some more (blue maybe?)

Here are some more photos of the finished bangles: