Geek bangle – wood burning

by vargajudit

Bangles are a great accasories for a simple outfit, as they act as statement pieces. Simple, wooden bangles are really cheap and extremely versatile, so I have a huge stack at home and I love experimenting with it. For example, one can make a beautiful, wood burnt one 🙂


  • wooden bangle
  • soldering iron or wood burning kit
  • mod podge or decoupage glue for a satin finish
  • pencil
f \left({n \over {2W}} \right) = {1 \over 2\pi} \int_{-2\pi W}^{2\pi W} F(\omega) e^{i\omega {n \over {2W}}}\;{\rm d}\omega.
\mathcal{L}^{-1} \{F(s)\} = f(t) = \frac{1}{2\pi i}\lim_{T\to\infty}\int_{\gamma-iT}^{\gamma+iT}e^{st}F(s)\,ds,

I chose two really geeky motifs as you can see above: Shannon’s original proof and the Inverse Laplace transform, because – in my opinion – they look extremely pretty 🙂 First, I wrote them on the bangle with a pencil – this way I could erase when I made a mistake and when I was finished with the burning.I did the same with the names of the equations on the inside. Then, I traced the letters with a soldering iron. It might be easier with a wood burning kit, because that’s even hotter, but a soldering iron works just as fine. When finished, I used decoupage glue for a beautiful, shiny satin finish.
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