Bird on a wire pendant

by vargajudit

I love books and I love vintage jewellery. Some time ago, I saw a cool home-deco idea. All you need is a page torn out from a book and a permanent marker. Draw a line, a bird, frame it and you are done. As I like to experiment in small, I re-imagined it in a pendant form.


  • pendant+glass cabochon (the shape is up to you, I used a square one)
  • book page (preferably with a word about birds on it)
  • permanent marker
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue or mod podge

Trace the outlines of the cabochon on your paper. As it is see-through, you can easily find the best placement. Next, draw a straight line on it: this is gonna be the wire the bird sits on. When you have the “wire”, draw the silhouette of a bird (or two) on it.

Sandwich on top of each other the pendant+glue+paper+glue+glass cabochon. Don’t worry if it looks opaque, the mod podge will dry clear.

And that’s pretty much it 🙂 You can do it in about ten minutes, so great last minute gift to friends. Of course you can find other inspiring words and combine it with a matching silhouette. If you make one, please share in the comments, I’d love to see your work!