Blog Start and Halloween

by vargajudit

Hello all my new readers,

I have actually wanted to start an english blog for a long-long time, and now I’ve gathered all the motivation I needed. Here, I will post things I create and all kinds of stuff that inspire me.

My first post – this one 🙂 – will be about our Halloween pumpkin.

Actually, we don’t carve pumpkins in my country, but I have a passion for lanterns and light in general, so I usually do it, still. (I even build small snow castles and put a candle in them in the winter, because they look pretty in the garden. Told you, I like lanterns in any form.)

We used a power drill to create the design, and we had a lot of fun during it. We started with a teeny-tiny mini pumpkin, just to try how this technique is supposed to be done, and next we went on to a real, 4 kg pumpkin. I like how it turned out and it makes our home so “autumny”.

This one is my favourite. All I’d need is a cup of tea and I could curl up next to it with a good book all night long.

I’ve tried this setting as well. The kitty usually sits on a box full of jewelry, but now she came to embellish our pumpkin.

And this is how they look all lit-up. Happy Halloween and thanks for reading my very first post 🙂