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Month: October, 2012

Matching ombre pompom necklace #01

When I was finished with the barcelet you saw in the previous entry, I wanted to make something else out of the emboridery threads. (Once I’ve chosen the colours πŸ™‚ ) I don’t wear earrings, and thread is not the best material for rings either, so I ended up with this necklace:

It is a really easy and quick project.


  • embroidery thread
  • necklace base
  • hook (if not included in the necklace)
  • something to wrap the thread around

You have to wrap the thread around the chosen thing about 20 times. My criteria were for the object: not too thick, about 5-6 cm tall, and it had to be easy to remove the thread. When you’re done with the wrapping, you pull off the thread, tie it around the “neck” and cut the downside part apart. Repeat this step until you have the necessary amount of pompoms, and then put them on the necklace. That’s pretty much all, quick, easy and boho πŸ™‚


Embroidery thread bangles

Ombre has been really in for the past moths, so one afternoon I decided to experiment a little with my embroidery threads. I have many of them, because I loved friendship bracelets when I was younger. I liked all the coulours, but i managed to resist the temptation of using them all on the same bracelet πŸ™‚ I divided the coulours into matching groups, and put them in order. It was really OCD-like, and one can have so much fun while doing this.

Once I was satisfied with the chosen colours (4-5 for each bracelet), I cut a shorter piece, tied it around the bangle (the same style I used here), and started wrapping it around. Near the end, I attached the colour and continued. I went from light to dark and then back to light again, which gave a beautiful rhytm to the finished bracelet. I decided not to use threads of equal lengths, because to me, this looks more playful this way. So far, I have a green and an orange bangle, but I plan on making some more (blue maybe?)

Here are some more photos of the finished bangles:

Pin the mood #01

Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for most of us. In the section “pin the mood” I will post mini pinboards. Today’s mood is soft and foggy, and I added a pinch of halloween as well. The city is all gray, that’s why I decided to put the sparkly nails on the board. We need a bit of light on us, don’t we? πŸ™‚ The city in the picture is New York. I’ve never been there, but looks kinda tempting in this photo.

sources:Β  nails, beauty, pumpkin, foggy city

Geek bangle – wood burning

Bangles are a great accasories for a simple outfit, as they act as statement pieces. Simple, wooden bangles are really cheap and extremely versatile, so I have a huge stack at home and I love experimenting with it. For example, one can make a beautiful, wood burnt one πŸ™‚


  • wooden bangle
  • soldering iron or wood burning kit
  • mod podge or decoupage glue for a satin finish
  • pencil
f \left({n \over {2W}} \right) = {1 \over 2\pi} \int_{-2\pi W}^{2\pi W} F(\omega) e^{i\omega {n \over {2W}}}\;{\rm d}\omega.
\mathcal{L}^{-1} \{F(s)\} = f(t) = \frac{1}{2\pi i}\lim_{T\to\infty}\int_{\gamma-iT}^{\gamma+iT}e^{st}F(s)\,ds,

I chose two really geeky motifs as you can see above: Shannon’s original proof and the Inverse Laplace transform, because – in my opinion – they look extremely pretty πŸ™‚ First, I wrote them on the bangle with a pencil – this way I could erase when I made a mistake and when I was finished with the burning.I did the same with the names of the equations on the inside. Then, I traced the letters with a soldering iron. It might be easier with a wood burning kit, because that’s even hotter, but a soldering iron works just as fine. When finished, I used decoupage glue for a beautiful, shiny satin finish.
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Bird on a wire pendant

I love books and I love vintage jewellery. Some time ago, I saw a cool home-deco idea. All you need is a page torn out from a book and a permanent marker. Draw a line, a bird, frame it and you are done. As I like to experiment in small, I re-imagined it in a pendant form.


  • pendant+glass cabochon (the shape is up to you, I used a square one)
  • book page (preferably with a word about birds on it)
  • permanent marker
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • glue or mod podge

Trace the outlines of the cabochon on your paper. As it is see-through, you can easily find the best placement. Next, draw a straight line on it: this is gonna be the wire the bird sits on. When you have the “wire”, draw the silhouette of a bird (or two) on it.

Sandwich on top of each other the pendant+glue+paper+glue+glass cabochon. Don’t worry if it looks opaque, the mod podge will dry clear.

And that’s pretty much it πŸ™‚ You can do it in about ten minutes, so great last minute gift to friends. Of course you can find other inspiring words and combine it with a matching silhouette. If you make one, please share in the comments, I’d love to see your work!

Blog Start and Halloween

Hello all my new readers,

I have actually wanted to start an english blog for a long-long time, and now I’ve gathered all the motivation I needed. Here, I will post things I create and all kinds of stuff that inspire me.

My first post – this one πŸ™‚ – will be about our Halloween pumpkin.

Actually, we don’t carve pumpkins in my country, but I have a passion for lanterns and light in general, so I usually do it, still. (I even build small snow castles and put a candle in them in the winter, because they look pretty in the garden. Told you, I like lanterns in any form.)

We used a power drill to create the design, and we had a lot of fun during it. We started with a teeny-tiny mini pumpkin, just to try how this technique is supposed to be done, and next we went on to a real, 4 kg pumpkin. I like how it turned out and it makes our home so “autumny”.

This one is my favourite. All I’d need is a cup of tea and I could curl up next to it with a good book all night long.

I’ve tried this setting as well. The kitty usually sits on a box full of jewelry, but now she came to embellish our pumpkin.

And this is how they look all lit-up. Happy Halloween and thanks for reading my very first post πŸ™‚